EDSP 6644 bPortfolio Reflection

Peer Review Paper: Special Learning Needs In Secondary Mathematics Classroom

This peer review paper focuses on students with specific learning disabilities, particularly around mathematics learning and how teachers can improve student learning in spite of students learning disabilities. Individualized and differentiated instruction is one of the largest challenges I face at this time. I’m challenged to create an appropriate adjustment for students with special needs. A common misconception that I learned was the relationship between a students reading ability and their understanding of mathematics. Many people believe that a reading disability is also connected with a student’s mathematical disability and this is not true. While a specific learning disability (LD) in reading is the most common type of LD’s, this does not generally impact a student’s ability to perform well in math class at a cognitive level. Students with reading disabilities still struggle in math classes because of their ability to access the information, they are however, completely able to problem solve appropriately.

Additionally, through the peer review research task, I learned how to improve my instructional strategies to impact student learning overall. The use of Enhanced Anchored Instruction (EAI) is an easy way to help students with math LDs more than traditional instruction and also improved the learning of students without LDs. Since reading and mathematics are not necessarily connected types of LDs, I am able to help a student with a reading disability access the cognitive tasks in mathematics by helping them through the math language in the questions. Once the student understands the requirements, of the task, they will be able to perform well on the math task. The EAI is beneficial because students can learn the nuanced connections between concepts when working in a familiar contexts.

Students who are struggling with mathematics often encounter problems at the numeracy problem, the scheme for how the numbers work. To assist these students, I could provide a different learning medium to help them access the ideas. For example, to help students struggling in numeracy, providing counting block manipulative or a number line may help that student overcome their learning disability to access the content. It is essential for me to be able to assess what concept or idea the student is struggling to overcome to address the barrier to learning.


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