E2 – Professionalism and Teamwork

bPortfolio E1

Online Registration System

E2 – [1] Exemplifies collaboration within the school. Teacher candidates participate collaboratively and professionally in school activities and using appropriate and respectful verbal and written communication. [1] E1 means that teachers must work together to create products with the interests of students and other staff in mind for both curriculum and non-curriculum related tasks. This standard also implied that professional communication should be mindful of staff’s needs to communicate important ideas. [2] The document linked here is a set of instructions, a list of club names and club descriptions which is presented to the entire student body to implement a new online registration system for student clubs. Each student is required to join a club as part of the schools mission. The screen shot is of the online registration system which I produced. This registration system will help reduce chaos from previous years sign up system and will provide a fair way for students to select their club.

[3] Staff members were able to choose their own club and provide a description. Many emails were sent by the Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor and me to the staff to collect preferred club choices. I was required to present my product to a leadership team to approve the process to use for the school. During my presentation meeting, I was able to clearly share the mission and the utility of the tool, provide solutions to problems and took initiative to solve anticipated problems. For example, one team member asked how the staff would learn the new system. I responded with a prepared powerpoint presentation to guide staff through the registration process. Organizing such a large scale project has taken a lot of communication with all staff and the ASB advisor.

[4] During this process, I learned that some teachers are overwhelmed with many other needs and rarely have time to respond. I learned how to communicate through different mediums, both using technology and other methods to get answers. [4] I also learned that working with people who are overwhelmed is challenging and patience is an important disposition when working through frustrating experiences. [5] My school is particularly project oriented, students will see that teachers must also work together on projects. Students can learn that teamwork, professionalism and collaboration is a lifelong skill to acquire and is used during work. [6] Through this process, I learned about this particular staffs preference for online forms (Google Forms) only when time is allotted to complete these forms. Otherwise, the task will not be completed. In the future, I will create a Google Form before staff meetings and then request five minute of time to collect information. This will increase my professionalism by reducing the number of unnecessary emails to staff, ultimately reducing their burden and becoming more productive myself.


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