Annotated Bibliography: Mathematical Literacy

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

Our class was provided ten peer-reviewed journal articles discussing various techniques about math and student literacy. The following document provides the sources for the articles and my commentary about each article. Each commentary is divided into three paragraphs. Paragraph one summarizes the article. Paragraph two assess the utility in my classroom, ratings are on a scale of 1 (I could use this tomorrow) to 3 (this research will not affect my teaching) and commentary is added to discuss reasoning. Paragraph three is a reflection on the application within the classroom or reasons why the research is not useful.

Annotated Bibliography Document

Cited Articles:

  1. Alsina, C. (2002). Too Much is Not Enough, Teaching Maths Through Useful Applications with Local and Global Perspectives. Educational Studies in Mathematics , 50, 239-250.
  2. Bintz, W. P. (2010). Fibbin With Poems Across the Curriculum. The Reading Teacher , 63 (6), 509-513.
  3. Checkley, K. (2001, October). Algebra and Activism: Removing the Shackles of Low Expectations. Educational Leadership , 6-11.
  4. Draper, R. J. (2002). School Mathematics Reform, Constructivism, and literacy: A Case for Literacy Instruction in the Reform-Oriented Math Classroom. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy , 45 (6), 520-529.
  5. MacBride, R., & Luehmann, A. L. (n.d.). Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies: A Case Study of Classroom Blogging. School Science and Mathematics , 108 (5).
  6. Mancil, G., & Maynard, K. L. (2007). Mathematics Instruction and Behavior Problems: Making the Connection. Beyond Behavior , 24-28.
  7. Martinez, M. E., & Peters Burton, E. E. (2011). Cognitive Affordances of Cyberinfrastructure for Science and Math Learning. Education Media International , 48 (1), 17-26.
  8.  Özgen, K., & Bindak, R. (2011). Determination of Self-Efficacy Beliefs of High School Students towards Math Literacy. Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice , 11 (2), 1085-1089.
  9. Phillips, D. C., Bardsley, M. E., Bach, T., & Gibb-Brown, K. (n.d.). “But I Teach Math!” The Journey of Middle School Mathematics Teachers and Literacy Coaches Learning to Integrate Literacy Strategies Into Math instruction. Integrating Literacy Strategies… , 129 (3), 467-472.
  10. Singer, D. (2007). Discourse Time! Developing Argumentative Literacy in the Math Classroom. Coalition of Essential Schools .



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